Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I highly recommend becoming verified on Artfire.com.

So I took the step and verified my ARTFIRE account and wow was a surprised to have 5 sales from it yesterday.

Now I know that Artfire is still in it's early stages of development, but I normally spend anywhere from 80.00 - 100.00 in fees (sometimes more) on etsy so that 12.00 locked in rate at Artfire.com really has me excited.

But it's not only the fee's that made me want to verify my Artfire studio, but also the customer service. The administration at Artfire really seems to want to give the shop owner all the tools they need to be able to have a successful business. They are attentive when we ask for something, and they are available if you need help. I know I personally had a short conversation with @ArtfireJohn on twitter, which is amazing in and of itself.

Here are some other great things about being a verified member on Artfire.com:

* No Listing/Final/Hidden Fees
* UNLIMITED Active Listings
* Full Custom Fusion Studio
* Personal Domain / URL
* Free Web Hosting of Your Studio
* Preferred Placement in Searches
* Enhanced Customization Options
* Up to 10 Pictures Per Product
* Up to 99 Studio Categories
* Multiple Quantity for Items
* Full Community Interaction
* Social Media Promotion Tools
* Rapid Cart (sell on your blog!)
* Market Hub (Link to ETSY)
* Add Custom Widgets in Studio
* Integrated Payment Processing
* Google Analytics & Site Statistics
* Global Shipping Profiles
* Social Media Resource Library
* Live Instant Flagging
* Categories Displayed Randomly
* Fast, One-Page Listing Process
* Sticky Cart (reserves buyers item)
* Fast, Accurate Filtered Site Search
* Quick One Button Relist
* Vacation Mode & Sales Mode
* Education/Training/Support
* Listings SEO Optimized
* Google Base (Auto Submitted)
* View Prices in Any Currency
* Kudos / Karma Feedback System
* Artisan Guilds
* Artisan Councils
* Artisan Profile with Photo
* Ability/Option to Accept Offers
* Credibility Program (Artifacts)
* Automated Markdown Manager
* No Third Party Ads on Listings
* Increased Trend Pages Exposure
* Increased Gift Guide Exposure

Anyhow if you decide (like me) you want to become verified, use this link - Register on ArtFire.com to help me get my free ride!


  1. We are very happy to hear of your success with your Artfire shop. We hope this continues for you. If you need any assiatnce you can always contact us at service@artfire.com

    Customer Relations

  2. i did that before....got no sales for 4 months :( of course they did all their major improvements after i left hehe

    congrats with the sales!

  3. That is great! Congrats on your sales!


  4. I like the sound of "good customer sevcice" :D I emailed Etsy about a problem I was having with editing one of my listings, and the (delayed) response I received was regarding somehting to do with my PROFILE! It was as if the girl hadn't even read my email- give me a break!
    Add to that, the fact that every week there seems to be some new problem with Etsy, making selling there even more difficult... maybe it's time fo rme to look into giving Artfire a serious try. Thanks for sharing your experience!