Monday, January 19, 2009

All these etsians worried about pricing...

You know, I have only been on etsy for about 4 months, but I have been absorbing everything like a sponge. I sit in chat listening to what people want. I watch the forums constantly. I am obsessed.

Recently in the forums I have been seeing people post about lowering their prices. They have become unsure of their worth because they aren't getting alot of views or sales. I have to admit, I have gotten down a couple of times since opening my new store. I mean it is HARD! We all have to remind ourselves that this isn't ebay! You reap what you sow on etsy. Hard work pays off.

So please everyone, I beg you not to lower your prices. This isn't retail. You are one of a kind with a one of a kind mind, and one of a kind designs. (We hope!) If you are going to do anything, take time and retake your pictures, and renew your items. You should be making a profit, not just breaking even. Your time is worth more than that!


  1. Hi. My husband and I were having a similar discussion about just this topic. This is what he says: "The reason my stuff is cheap is because it's small and why should I charge a lot for it. It is something I do for fun, not to bleed people dry. Enough people think ACEOs are pretentious, why feed into it? Just 'cause it's cheap, doesn't mean I doubt my ability, standards, or ideals." I agree with him, but only marginally. My mentality is this: we are dealing with an economy now that isn't the greatest. Also, take into account the newness of a member, the sellability of an item (i.e., another knitted scarf???), and many other factors... I don't want to turn people off to my stuff because of high prices. I would rather them buy it and enjoy it than them sit in my shop and never see the light of day. :)

  2. I get you Aloquin which is why people are so confused.

    One thing I can't get out of my mind is perceived value. If you list something for a higher price, people are going to perceive it is better and therefore worth more.

    You have to value yourself and have pride in your work. Let's say you list something for 2.00 that is selling on etsy for 20.00. Even if it is quality work, most buyers are going to think the 2.00 item is worthless.

    At the end of the day, I feel better having my items sell for a fair price, rather than having them go out for less than I feel they are worth. Especially with buying and owning jewelry, it is all about the feeling when you buy. When you pay more, you feel like you really have something. If people only knew how cheap diamonds are wholesale!

    Thanks for your comment. I love to hear all sides of the story!

  3. As a somewhat new etsian, I have created these beautiful quilts that I wish to place in the hands of loving appreciative homes. I put my heart into each one. As I complete each one they become my favourite. Some of these quilts can take close to 100 hours to make. I have reduced the prices to try and meet my objective. Don't get me wrong it breaks my heart to realize that I am offering my services for next to nothing. It is not uncommon for a business to offer incentives to get recognized. Once my quilts have been seen and my reputation for quality has been established, then I may be able to ask a fairer price for my product. But in the end, my love for quilting and the response from people who love what I do really wins for me. If I can make money for doing that one day then that is icing on the cake.

  4. Oh, I so agree! Great post!! I can't tell you how many zippered bags I see folks selling for $2.50 - I can't compete with that nor do I want to. My heart and soul goes into my sewing - I'm selling a piece of me with every sale!! =0) I'm going to give you 110% when I craft your item. I want to know when something sells - I'm okay with the price and I am making a profit!! =0)