Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am really annoyed with our welfare system...

Ok time for a little snark. I just have to get this off my chest so bear with me here.

I am so tired of this countries welfare system. It simply disgusts me to see people living on tax-payers money that could be out working a job. (and many of them are...under the table)It seems we reward the wrong. and I admit, I don't have all the answers, but anything is better than this.

A little background, I live in the poorest county in Ohio. I don't know the numbers, but I worked at a bank, and when you work at a bank you cash alot of checks. Welfare, SSI, SS, etc. There were many people that were cashing in there disability check every month, and holding down other jobs, or working odd jobs which is technically wrong.

That isn't even the sickest part! Let's just say you were down on your luck, and you decided to go and try and get some help...let's just say foodstamps. IF you are working a job, you are going to have a hard time getting any help with food. Have children to feed? They don't care. If you make over that certain dollar amount, you are out of there! No help for you.

It has always seemed weird to me that the majority that are getting help, make just under the limit to get help with other things. So you get your monthly check, and you qualify for foodstamps to pay for your food, then you qualify for section 8 housing, and then you get free healthcare. Not to mention help with the heating bill, and reduced charges for phone and electric.

This literally eats me alive. Prob because when me and my husband got married he was in debt big time, and we were only bringing home 450.00 a week. Guess what, we didn't get help from the government (though I am sure we wouldn't have qualified anyhow) and we lived in a tiny 3 room shack while paying everything off. This place had no indoor plumbing, and no hot water when we moved in, and while we did eventually get a hot water heater, we lived without a bathroom for over a year. When I had to use it or shower, I walked my hind in a quarter mile uphill to my MIL and FIL's house. Now, I am by no means a rich person today, but we do a heck of alot better. Now we have a decent home, and 2 count, count them TWO bathrooms.

The moral of all this is, if you keep handing the money over, the country will continue to suffer, and able bodied people will keep on lining up with their hands out because after all it is easier. The people that really need the help can't get help because they "make to much" but yet when the social workers do the figuring, they don't account for your health insurance cost, nor do they account for your rent or mortgage payment or any of the other perks of not working. You know all of the benefits those already receiving help get...

Now for my son was born with a mild birth defect. I wasn't able to work after I had him because I didn't have any childcare available at the time, and if I would have paid for daycare, my take home pay would have been approx. 150.00 every 2 weeks. That's right, barely enough to buy diapers and formula. I was always the one who covered health insurance, but now that I wasn't working my DH would have to take over through his work, and that amounted to 120.00 a week! Yep that is right, 480.00 a month.

Now I know that doesn't seem like alot to some of you, but at the time, it was about 1/3 of our monthly income (thank the Lord he is making more now). I called to see if we could possible receive medicaid so my son could have his surgery and they told use we made too much. Did you see that, a family of 3 making about 1500.00 a month made too much. I pointed out to her that his health insurance was nearly 500.00 a month but she said it didn't matter. She basically told me that if he were to "lose" his job, we could get all the benefits we needed. Ain't that a smack in the face? Be a bum and we will support you, but try and work and support your family, you won't get squat.

I know a couple that just got married, he bought her a 1 karat diamond ring, they just bought all new furniture and a new SUV, and their family of 5 lives solely on the government, with no plans on getting jobs.

It is just sick.

There are people that really need help. I know that...this isn't about you.

WE need reformation!


  1. Does it feel better to get this off your chest? You made a lot of good points but nothing is perfect...especially not the 'system'.

  2. Same in Canada. So many ppl are on welfare for years and not going to get off it. Not planning to work at all. God, that upsets me so much. Mind you, majority of them would be able to afford to have cars, cell phones, pool/jym membership, maxed cable and many other things. I agree with Moondoonie, nothing is perfect, BUT so many ppl are using it wrong way. This brings deficit of the budget in future for their own kids. Kicking themselves in their own back! Immigration in North America is no longer very sweet deal as it was bf, so the work force is limited = tax payments going down and they are bleeding it!!!

  3. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! hubby was recently infuriated when he was standing in the grocery line behind a lady that was paying with food stamps, and answered her cell phone.....and her young daughter was also on a cell phone. THAT 'AINT RIGHT!

    I do believe that many people out there need help every once in a while, but this shouldn't be something you should be dependent on. But why not? They make so easy to get a free ride!!!
    Why work when you don't have to? Lack of dignity???

    I also know someone who refused to get a raise cause if he makes more money than he does, then he won't qualify for government assistance and won't be able to get his 10,000 tax refund check!

    what else makes me sick?
    that 1/2 of hubby's paycheck is gone before we even receive anything. Taxed to death!

    !!!it does feel better getting this off our chests!!!