Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where I get my cards...

I love giving handmade cards to family and friends as well as sending them out in all my packages.
I just had to share with everyone where I get the most amazing cards. The shop is CardsBetweenFriends. This girl is absolutely one of thee most talented card makers I have ever come across, and she has me as a customer for life.
Here are a couple examples of her work.

I got this card for my momma for Mother's Day -

I got this card for my husband for our anniversary. Incase you didn't notice, he loves to golf -

And I got this card for my FIL from my husband for Father's Day -

Her prices are super reasonable for the quality of work she does. You should totally check out her shop, and if you order, make sure you tell her I sent you. You will not be disappointed. www.CardsBetweenFriends.etsy.com


  1. I love the cards! Thanks for sharing this shop with us--I have hearted her:)

  2. I'm a handmade card fan too. There's nothing nicer or more personal. People tend to hold onto special cards and giving a handmade one makes it that much nicer to linger over. Cards are fun to give!

  3. I will miss buying cards on Etsy. I have gotten so many nice ones.