Friday, April 17, 2009


Yes, I am shouting, and I will keep shouting. :P

I love my postal scale. I can't even begin to tell you how much money I have saved by not having to drive into town to mail my packages, not to mention all the money saved on Delivery Confirmation (which I feel is a MUST at 18 cents). If you buy delivery confirmation at the post office, it is going to cost you 75 cents! Maybe not much on 1 package, but do that on 50 packages, and you would be paying an extra 28.50. OUCH!

If you have a postal scale you can weigh your item and enter the weight and type of shipment in paypal, print your label and leave your item in your mailbox or at your doorstep for USPS pickup. This also, in my opinion, looks much more professional than just writing names on the package.

Did you know you can pick up an awesome postal scale on for about 20.00 shipped? I got mine there 2 years ago and it is still working like brand new.

It is definitely worth the small investment, so GO GET ONE! :)


  1. Yeah I got one from Walmart for $22 it's great!

  2. Great idea, sounds like a must-have!